Tips to Make Your Blog Popular in 2017

All bloggers want to make blog popular, because everybody wants fame. In principle, it is correctly in normal way. All blogger wants their content to be read; to become a well respectable and known blogger as a proper source of information in his specific niche. To produce a high informative blog is not easy how it could seem. In this specific article, I will let you how to blog in proper way and ways which can help you to attain the desired result by promoting website in proper way.

(1) Write worthy and relevant blog posts:

If you able to fascinated at least one reader on your blog, make an effort to do everything possible so the reader of your site remains together with you for a long period. You certainly do not need to do anything special, just write interesting articles that will advantage your readers. Always write articles in simpler and useful way from reader’s perspective. Users would attract towards your blog only for relevant and niche specific posts.

(2) High activity:

There are the millions of blogs present these days. So you will face much competition in your niche and many bloggers would post for the same topic of yours. Search for them and comment on their posts. Proficient comment on blog post makes to enhance the audience of some popular blog in your regular reader.

(3) Choose interesting topic to write:

You have opportunity to share your thoughts on your blog freely, so make use of it to the utmost. Write the content or share your views on a current interesting topic that is relevant at the brief moment. Interesting articles always start debate and discussions. So start to write such articles to make public relations and promotion of your blog with more user interaction with this. Creating a blog is not tough task but to engage readers and providing worthy information is much challenging task. So always write content which is informative to users.

Make Blog Popular

(4) Link to other bloggers:

Link exchange is best way to get popular and increase user interaction with your blog. Put links to other bloggers website, and they will respond to you in return. Also, when you put a link, the blogger is notified about this trackback on the website. Thus, you will receive a response link with the particular resource on your blog, which is also excellent for the popularity of your resource.

Update Blog post regular

(5) Update Blog Posts Regularly:

If you want to make your blog popular then its necessary to keep posting on regular basis. Readers who are concerned with your blog would expect weekly one or two new updates. If you stop posting content on regular basis the their will be negative impact on your readers and they will stop to follow your blog. So regular update is must for you to maintain readers and to make your blog popular.

(6) Present content in simple and useful way:

Always write your blog in simpler way so that readers can understand the meaning and information reside in blog. In simple words that you have knowledge about your niche and this is the reason why are you writing blog. But if you can’t explain and share information your readers then there is no meaning of writing content. So always use clear and simple terms so that users show their interest to read your blog.

All of these given tips will increase popularity of your blog and to increase number of readers. So try to provide unique and informative content to readers so that they will attract towards your blog. By following all these steps it will sure that you will get much number of readers and fame on your blog in short time.




Things to Considers for Beginners before Starting a Blog

Setting up a blog doesn’t need even half an hour. You don’t have to proceed through those complicated sites to generate your blog and launching it. It could be done with much less work and money. Here we are not explaining only about starting a blog, but additionally tells you how to increase traffic on blog and promote it in a powerful manner. We points out everything related to blogging in simpler way that is understandable to the newbies too. Here we are explaining some important points to consider before beginning a blog which are necessary:

Starting a Blog with Niche

1) Blog Niche: Ahead of taking the first step towards starting a blog, you will need to determine just what will be you blog niche? It ought to be clear in your thoughts what exactly would you like to captivate visitors. It could range between anything to everything. It’s rather a food blog, lifestyle blog or a fashion blog. Ensure that it isn’t something that a huge amount of users can’t hook up with. Details to be considered while choosing a perfect niche market for your site to make your blog popular.

Selecting a Domain Name

2) Selection of Domain Name: To select a suitable domain name for blog, you need to go through more than an amount of names that could be suited to it. Blog names need to be unique and should make clear the goal of your blog. If you don’t want to set a lot of your head durability on the domain, you need to pick your domain name and buy it. After of picking a domain name, you need to pick a domain extension, like .com, .Net, .org, etc.

Here are some points you need to Consider while selecting a Domain Name for Your Blog:

i) Simple and catchy
ii) Keyword should present
iii) Domain name should be short
iv) Global or Local
v) Use of Hyphens
vi) Extension

3) Pick a Suitable Web Host:  A web host company provide you services to form your own web site that may be accessed over the net. They conjointly give you the space on server to be employed by the clients on lease or by owning it utterly. An internal connection is additionally provided through data center. All the data of your blog is hold on their servers and it’s delivered once users enter the name of your blog.

There are some key points which you should keep in your mind, before choosing a web host for your blog:

i) Costing of web hosting
ii) Features offered by them
iii) Technical specifications and limitations
iv) Hardware using by them
v) Expertise of web hosting company
vi) Scalability
vii) Customer review
viii) User Interface

After of choosing web host here you are ready for registration on it. Start Writing your Blog and promote it to make it popular and get for any further query regarding setting up blog and for all further steps click on the link given below: